Darth Cheney and the Pipeline to Nowhere


“Alaska’s oil was not created millions of years ago!”, declared Sarah. “It was created just for us Alaskans 6000 years ago by The Ultimate Being!”

The light in the room pulsed and a strange Star Trek whooshing sound filled the air. Suddenly, there he was! Darth Cheney, in his long black robes and his anatomically correct mask that showed his sneering expression, even though you couldn’t see his face.

“You called?” came the rasping voice.

“Well, not exactly,” said Sarah. “But as long as you’re here, how about an endorsement?”

Before he could answer, the light flickered again, and whoosh, Barack Obama was there, lightsaber in hand!

“Greetings, earthling! I am Mr. Spock’s evil twin!” he announced.

“Well, that explains the ears,” said Sarah. “But what you guys don’t seem to understand is that when I said that science is fiction, I wasn’t in the mood for reruns.”

“I have been digitally remastered!” protested Darth Cheney.

“They gave you the finger?” grinned Obama.

One Response to “Darth Cheney and the Pipeline to Nowhere”

  1. First posted July 16, 2009. My second story, and now I was on a roll!

    If you do a Google search for pictures of Dick Cheney you can see several where he’s sneering or snarling.

    He really is a disgusting person.

    I like Star Trek, although I’m not a real fan. Also Star Wars, at least the first three films.

    I like science fiction in general. Incidentally, the name of this blog is a take-off from the famous book “Life, the Universe and Everything” by Douglas Adams, part of the fantastic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

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