Mr. Spock Issues a Denial


At a hastily-called press conference, Mr. Spock issued the following brief statement: “Barack Obama is not my evil twin. Furthermore, I find it most illogical that the black sheep of our family should become more famous than me. It really is very unfair!”

Spock refused to elaborate on his use of the term “black sheep”. Asked if he wished that Obama should “live long and prosper”, Spock responded by raising his middle finger in a traditional Vulcan salute.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with People magazine, Michelle Obama confided, “You really haven’t lived until you’ve done it with a half-Vulcan! The experience is out of this world!” James Dobson responded with outrage: “First they let homosexuals marry, and then this is what happens! This is beyond indecent – Vulcans are not even mentioned in the Bible!”

Various GOP politicians have stepped up their efforts to force Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate. “This latest revelation casts a whole new meaning on the term ‘illegal alien'”, fumed RNC Chairman Michael Steele. And radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh went a step further, demanding that Obama not only be impeached, but sent back to Vulcan, “before it’s too late, and he starts mutating into whatever it is they do where he comes from!”

One person who was taking the news in stride was George Dunfeather, owner of the “Trekkies for Obama” web site. “I’m a bit disappointed that Barack didn’t do the presidential oath of office in Klingon,” admitted Mr. Dunfeather, “but otherwise I think he’s really cool. I mean, like wow! A geek in the White House! Totally awesome! I’m considering venturing out of my basement headquarters for the first time in five years!”

One Response to “Mr. Spock Issues a Denial”

  1. First posted July 21, 2009.

    As I mentioned previously, I like Star Trek, although I certainly don’t count myself as a real fan, not like the ones who learn to speak Klingon and so on.

    In the story I mention a web site “Trekkies for Obama”. I thought I was making it up, but someone posted a comment on my story with a link to the site!
    It actually exists!

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