Snow White and the Seven Republicans


Snow White came to the home of the seven Republicans, whose names were Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy and Sarah.

“Why isn’t your name Grumpy too?”, asked Snow White.

“That’s a frivolous accusation!” replied Sarah. “Off with her head!”

At this point Snow White realized she was in the wrong fairy tale. She rushed out to her waiting carriage just as the midnight sun was setting, but it was too late! Snow White was devoured by the mama polar bear, the papa polar bear and the little baby polar bear!

“That will teach her to pal around with polar bears who don’t practice abstinence!” remarked Sarah.

“We all practice abstinence,” declared Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy and Grumpy.

“Yes, well, some of you haven’t been diligent enough with your practicing,” said Sarah.

And they all lived happily until 2012, when Barack Obama encountered Sarah on her way to her grandmother’s house.

One Response to “Snow White and the Seven Republicans”

  1. First posted July 12, 2009.

    This was the start of my writing hobby. And it was totally by chance. I, like so many others, was following the never-ending soap opera called Sarah Palin, and had discovered that (both the blog and the forum ) was the place where like-minded people were expressing their incredulity.

    By a strange coincidence someone had just told me a very funny, but very politically incorrect, joke about Snow White and the seven dwarves (or “dwarfs”, as Disney prefers to spell it), and this Sarah Palin story just sort of popped out of my subconscious.

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