A House is not a Home without a Cat


For what it’s worth, this is a true story of an experience I had at the emergency room of the local hospital some 20 years ago.

My wife and I had a cat named Sylvester. Sylvester had gotten worms, and needed to be given medicine, which he hated. One time when I was holding Sylvester and my wife was trying to push the pill down his throat he went crazy and clawed me badly up and down my forearms.

My wife cleaned my wounds and took me to the emergency room for a tetanus shot. A nurse ushered us into a room and asked how in the world I had gotten such impressive scratches all over my forearms. My wife told her the story of my struggles with Sylvester.

The nurse glanced again at my badly mauled arms, and then asked my wife, “Are you going to have him put down?”

At which point I piped up, “No, no, just give me a tetanus shot, please.”

One Response to “A House is not a Home without a Cat”

  1. First posted Oct. 26, 2009.

    You see, nerds do have a sense of humor. It’s just that nobody understands it…

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