In the White House Bedroom


“Good night, Michelle.”

“Good night, Barack.”

“How about that Nobel Peace Prize?”

“Yes, congratulations.”

“Quite a surprise.”


“Now we have an excuse to fly to Norway.”

“Yes, I suppose. Why do you want to fly to Norway?”

“For the frequent flyer miles, of course.”

“Um, we don’t get frequent flyer miles on Air Force One, Barack.”

“We don’t?”


“Why not?”

“But, um, it’s an Air Force plane, and I don’t think the Air Force has a frequent flyer program.”

“They don’t?”


“Damn, you mean all those foreign trips were worthless?”

“Um, that depends …”

“You think I went to Canada just for the fun of it?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit sleepy. Can we talk about it tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure. Good night.”

“Good night, Barack.”

“Uh, Michelle, how about …”

“Sorry, too tired.”

“No frequent tryer points either?”

“Not tonight. Good night, Barack.”

One Response to “In the White House Bedroom”

  1. First posted Oct. 9, 2009.

    This was, of course, written just after the announcement about the Nobel Peace prize.

    And no, it’s not a mistake when I say Norway. The Nobel Peace prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway, while all of the other Nobel prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden.

    It’s a strange fact that the Nobel Peace prize (and the other Nobel prizes) were created by Alfred Nobel, a Swede who made his incredible fortune mostly from dynamite and explosives, including explosives used for waging war.

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