Sarah Sallies Southward


The wicked witch of Wasilla was once again waltzing on her wacky warpath. Withdrawing from her watchtower among the weeds of the windy waters, she winged her way from wintry weather to warmer watering holes. Here she wandered widely, and warned her worshippers that The One was wantonly wrecking the western world.

“This wizard is no whiz!” she wailed. “From Wichita to Washington we will wage war with this worthless worm! We will bring woe to his wretched welcoming of wall-to-wall welfare. Awaken your wrath, else all will be wasteland and wilderness! We are his Waterloo, his Watergate!”

No weak-kneed wimp, Wasilla’s wily wench was wilfully working the wasps nests of wing nuts and whack jobs. Week after week her well-known winks and woodsy witchcraft won out, wrongly wiping away all words of wisdom. “We’re wildly witless; ain’t it wonderful!” waxed Wasilla’s wealthiest word smith with wanton whoops.

While a wholesome wrap to this whimsical writeup would have been welcome, alas we must wearily wait and watch as the wheel winds its way.

One Response to “Sarah Sallies Southward”

  1. First posted Nov. 13, 2009.

    This was written as Sarah Palin was traveling around doing her book signing tour, after the publication of her book Going Rogue.

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