We’ll be Drawing Old Muhammad on the Wall


We’ll be Drawing Old Muhammad on the Wall

(music: She’ll be coming ’round the mountain,

We’ll be drawing old Muhammad on the wall,
We’ll be drawing old Muhammad on the wall,
For even Muslims must admit it,
You don’t need a special permit,
To be drawing old Muhammad on the wall.

We’ll be spraying old Muhammad on the wall,
We’ll be spraying old Muhammad on the wall,
With graffiti that’s persisting,
We will show that we’re insisting,
On our right to spray The Prophet on the wall.

We’ll be painting old Muhammad on the wall,
We’ll be painting old Muhammad on the wall,
Now some claim that He’s angelic,
So we’ll paint Him psychedelic,
We sure hope He likes His pictures on the wall.

We’ll be etching old Muhammad on the wall,
We’ll be etching old Muhammad on the wall,
‘Cause we need to make a stand,
Or our rights they will get banned,
And we’ll find ourselves lined up against the wall.


I’m posting this because Kurt Westergaard, one of the twelve Danish cartoonists who became famous due to the so-called “Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy”, after previously having been the target of a terror plot has now been physically attacked in his own home.

very strongly believe that freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our Western society. We must be free to say nasty and outrageous things about Jesus, Muhammad, religion, priests, politicians, governments, police, the military, corporations, scientists, assholes and whoever in order to further free thought and public debate. This is partly why Western society has developed, and we enjoy the freedom and prosperity we have, while religious-dominated societies are subjected to poverty (if they don’t happen to have natural resources they can sell) and social unrest or social repression.

The last time Kurt Westergaard was threatened almost all of the Danish newspapers reprinted his cartoon in a demonstration of solidarity. I hope they do it again. One could hope that American media would also show some support for the concept of free speech, but so far they prefer to talk about the Muhammad cartoons, but refuse to reproduce them “to avoid offending anyone”.

Happy New Year everyone.


4 Responses to “We’ll be Drawing Old Muhammad on the Wall”

  1. First posted Jan. 1, 2010, the day after Kurt Westergaard was attacked in his home by an axe-wielding fanatic.

    When I posted this at Daily Kos I got a huge amount of negative comments, although there were also a few positive comments, and many more plus votes than minus votes.

  2. 2 god

    great song we need more of it

  3. Just to avoid any misunderstandings, I would like to claim that I am not an “Islam-basher”.

    I am a “religion-basher”.

    I believe that there are many, many good people of faith – all faiths, including Islam. And there are many good people who do not adhere to any religion. And there are many bad people, both people of faith and people without religious beliefs.

    And I believe that we as a species would be much, much better off without religion.

    If you are religious, and you have doubts, or if you are just curious as to why there are so many people who are against religion, then I can recommend these two items which can hopefully inspire some thinking:

    “The God Delusion”, a book by Richard Dawkins. It’s long and it’s dry, but it covers things very well.

    “Religulous”, a film by Bill Maher. It’s funny and blasphemous and quite over the top. A good antidote to the seriousness of “The God Delusion”.

    Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher are my heros! 🙂

  4. Here’s a follow-up article about this song: Hey Pakistan, Please Block My Blog!

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