It’s True! Obama Really Is A Super-Villain!


I have this confession to make. I actually liked Barack Obama. I even have a couple of Obama posters on my wall, and I was happy when he won the presidential election.

But now my heart is in turmoil.

You see, I happened to read a blog article on a site called HillBuzz entitled “Question: When something bad happens to America, do you ever get the feeling Obama smiles, just a little?”

Now I’m totally confused, and in a state of dread.

What if it’s true? What if the author of this article is correct in his/her surprising insights?

“When we hear news like this, we honestly can picture the current president smiling, even just a little, happy something awful happened to the country.”

“We don’t believe he cares much what happens to the people he’s leading. Whether we suffer, thrive, live, or die, none of it matters to him.”

“When America is hit by enemies, we really think he smirks.”

This article was published 10 days ago, and since then I’ve been thinking and thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two possibilities:

A. The author of this article is some kind of moron/cretin whose IQ is inferior to his/her shoe size, and who gets off on fantasizing about the downfall of America because the wrong person got elected and he/she is a sore loser. Psychologists call these kinds of thoughts “projection”.

B. The article is true! Obama is an America-hating super-villain! Oh my God, the country is doomed!

Like I said, I’ve been thinking and thinking about this, and I’ve been watching Obama with a new and critical eye, and I’ve come to the conclusion that alternative B must be correct! (After all, alternative A is just too ludicrous, right?)

This revelation has changed everything! Now I understand why Obama was so happy when he won the presidential election – he knew that he was now in a position to destroy the country he hated so much – that’s why he was smiling!

When you see Obama on TV, smiling and confident, now you know why he’s in such a good mood! He’s thinking to himself, “Oh boy, so far so good! I’m steering the country towards the edge of the precipice, and I’ve got them all fooled! What a bunch of suckers! Won’t they all be surprised when we go over the edge and America becomes a third-world failed state! Heh, heh, this is so much fun!”

Well, all I can say is thank heaven for blogs like HillBuzz.

One Response to “It’s True! Obama Really Is A Super-Villain!”

  1. 1 futurexpat?

    I loved it! And I vote for A.

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